Tuesday, July 7, 2015

'Sunday Letter' ~ written by Alexander Hakman
Music title: No Resignation
Recited / painted / video by Venus

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When YouTube removed our friend’s lists few years ago, and changed terminology from Friends to Contacts, with it, although we reacted, protested and were very unhappy, somehow we changed too: many closed channels and left youtube completely, others moved to other internet sites, and some of us continued uploading videos but stopped socializing there and due to lack of identities, many of us lost track of each other and missed many messages sent and received.

Among many amazing talents I was friends with on youtube when we were socializing daily, was Sophie (LeScintilla) and Alexander, both poetic, highly artistic and great friends among anyone who contributed to building cultural bridges toward global friendship and world peace ~ This is a very genuine and touching letter written by Alexander, a great poet who writes in French, and is trying to reconnect through a message in English and trying to be careful how he sounds so he doesn't get misunderstood, it is why he apologizes for no reason, rather than mere fact that he knows, he’s being discrete and there’s no visual presence of his facial emotion and body language – it’s an avatar of Spartacus instead.

So what I sensed is his heart expressing emotions and his soul confessing rather than him writing, and of course his words are affecting the way my sketch looks like just as much as his avatar affects the tone of his voice...

His letter is extraordinary, educational and successful for these reasons:
1) it is unusual and exceptional

1) it is neither formal nor informal
2) it has no greeting / salutation
3) first paragraph states the purpose
4) paragraphs in the middle are clear and logical
5) last paragraph expects nothing in return
6) it has an ending and a signature
7) it is successful nonetheless

1) I opened my mail on Sunday - hence the title of the video
2) Instead of resting I ended up painting Spartacus all day
3) I replied and asked if I could present his letter
4) He is grateful and feels it’s an honor to see his writing recited
5) The way it’s presented, it’s fiction inspired by non-fiction
6) The tone is very touching and reflects deep human emotion
7) it is written from the bottom of his heart

Under one of his videos that Sophie made for him once, Alexander writes:
“I’m of mixed-blood: French, Italian, Native American (Cherokee tribe - Anitsiskwa, or Bird Clan ) and Algerian (Kabyle - Berber). I'm a child of diversity and I’m proud of it. All my videos are intended to highlight the pride I held in the blood in my veins. While I am white, the heritage is there. I do endeavor to know more about it. (TEKOAWAK)

His path, spiritually sounds difficult for sure, so is the quest to find himself amidst it all. The style of presentation in my video, is in loving memory for Sophie, who once wrote: “I would like to encourage you to spark love, happiness, tolerance, hope….These little sparks might burst a flame in the heart of those around you.”
I did not know Sophie nor Alexander more than what they shared on their channels, so the photo you see of Sophie in this video, is for you to see which Sophie he’s writing about, and it is the only gift I had available from her when I was featuring her blog on my website….
SOPHIE is missed by many ~ May she rest in peace இڿڰۣ

What you get from this art video is the fact that, whether youtube goes business only or stays raw and real, virtual friendships will somehow survive, but that’s not the key here. The key part of this video is that I am reading a genuine letter written in English by a French poet named Alexander, and as I paint his profile photo under the name Darken Rahl, in this portrait I see Andy Whitfield playing Spartacus. I don’t see the man who wrote this letter, I am not painting Alexander’s face, however you can feel his heartbeat. Many talented poets, artists, people interact on line in this fashion, through avatars that are not photo of their own, for personal reasons, and also because they feel such photos truly represent their soul, and that’s ok, however, there’s an emotional danger to this, and it is a double edge sword:

1. You, your emotions and your work may not be taken seriously
2. Amidst all the avatars, you may loose and not be able to find yourself again

And that’s something you may want to think about… For only through Light you can truly get out of Darkness!

Special thanks to Alexander for his emotions and beautiful poetic writing in English although his native language he says is French.
Thank you so much Alexander and best wishes.
Thank you friends for watching and wonderful thoughts you share.